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karen   bbarlow@bloomer.net
01-24-2010 5:59:23 PM CST
Sorry to have missed your show in Milwaukee. Heard the show was great from my family who didn't "think" to tell me you were in town! If you are ever in the area again drop me a note. I'm only 4 hours away and would love to see it. your clips bring back many memories. All you need now is a beagle at the kitchen table to sing happy birthday to!! Cousin Karen

JB Griffin   info@socalitalianmagazine.com

Brilliant.. Loved the Show JB, Publisher So Cal Italian Magazine

Dennis Eisenhauer   denniseisenhauer@msn.com
09-08-2009 10:04:05 PM CST
Hey you, loooong time. Congrats on all your success. We're planning a reunion @ my restaurant at the end of the month... whenever I think back to high school, you always make a smile...I hope all is well...Dennis

Brian Carey   bcarey@kcc.com
09-07-2009 6:42:45 PM CST

Hey: It's your cousin Jimmy's son. He told me about your site! I'm Lucky enough to remember Ma & Nanu.

BRAVO!!! Culver City News Review
08-15-2009 2:33:02 PM CST

By Dene and Paul Davis Thursday, July 23, 2009 In her one woman show BRAVO! Clay Bravo is just simply funny. While barely stopping for a breath in this autobiographical rant, she gives a glimpse of a young girl growing up Italian in a very non- ethnic middle America. Bravo is able to tell the story of her amusing family, and occasionally awe struck friends, with humor and poignancy. Dressed in her early rock n roll pleated skirt and a self proclaimed bullet sweater, she introduces us to her family members by bringing in large humorous portraits of each one. We meet her sinister great grandmother, the cheek squeezing grandma, the dapper grandpa, the polar opposite parents and various funny aunts, uncles and cousins. Bravo weaves together stories of sometimes embarrassing childhood experiences that became her most cherished memories, touching our hearts as we laugh with her. All of this is intertwined with updated blasts of how these kind of memories confilict with today's absurd little moments. You certainly don't have to be Italian to relate to Bravo's stories, they are a very funny remembrance of family, growing up and learning lessons you didn't realize you were learning when you were young. The piece was written by Bravo and produced and directed by John Conroy. Upcoming performances can be found at ClayBravo.com. Bravo will co-star in the 2009 major motion picture release of Another Harvest Moon with Ernest Borgnine and Cybill Shepherd. It was a very pleasant evening at the Culver Events Center. It's not your typical theater venue, it was formerly a 1920's speakeasy, which the owners have carefully restored. Intermission can be spent in the beautiful patio area enjoying complimentary wine and dessert. Parking is very convenient. You can find out more at CulverEvents.com. This one woman show Bravo will be playing on the first Wednesday of the month, through the end of the year.